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NJ Tree Expert Licensing Act

The Tree expert and tree care operator licensing act was passed on April 17, 2017. This new legislation requires tree service companies throughout New Jersey to become licensed. The Act creates a program through which individuals may become Licensed Tree Experts (LTEs) or Licensed Tree Care Operators (LTCOs) by passing an examination and demonstrating good moral character. Licensees are required to complete continuing education requirements, abide by standards of professional conduct and ethics, and adhere to safety standards, as well as industry practice standards. This is a huge step for the tree care industry. Most service oriented trades; plumbers, electricians have had licensing standards in place for many years. This allows the state to ensure that the company has all the proper insurance, complies with industry standards and works safely. Now that tree companies are required to be licensed, unsavory companies will be weeded out, creating a safer industry that complies with accepted tree care standards.

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